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Re: Apocalypse Now! :)

MadsR wrote:

amalric wrote:

What is impressive is how US is really the last of the industrial countries. The crush for C&N must have been absolute. That also explains why Oly folded its marketing there.

Well, I think µ4/3 is up against an entire culture here. Think about it, everything in US culture says "bigger is better", want a sports car? Put a bigger engine in a street car and there you go... Want to show off your status? Stretch your street car to 60 feet you get the point...

It is an uphill sales in US to get anyone to accept that you can get good quality out of a camera that is smaller than a Nikon D300, even Nikon is doing it themselves, camera with bigger price must be bigger physically, even though there is no reason for a D7000 to be almost a cm bigger in every direction than a D5000, the sensor, though better, is not any bigger, the electronics are newer and actually smaller, the AF system is bigger, by a few mm... And this was even worse with the D300s compared to D90...

Yes agree with this Nikon Mindset as I would have looked closely at buying a D700 if had not been bigger than the D90. They obviously thought that they needed to make it bigger to impress the punters and charge more than the D90

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