Some thoughts on the D800 vs. the D800E. Most of us better off with D800.

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Re: Some thoughts on the D800 vs. the D800E. Most of us better off with D800.

IeraseU wrote:

Actually there are numerous examples of moire in Leica M9 samples from around the web, even though most people probably use the Leica for travel photography, and cityscapes / landscapes. The D800 will see far more use for portraits or fashion photography so moire will be a greater concern.

The Fuji X1pro has a different sensor design that does not require an AA filter to prevent moire.

Leica M9 Moire (This would be very difficult to clean up):

dgc4rter wrote:

The thing is... I don't hear of that many Leica M9 users (have I heard of any?) complaining about moire and there are tons of wonderful photos online of all different types and subject matter produced by pros and amateurs alike. That camera does not have an AA filter so, can one explain why the D800E will require so much more control and technique. The upcoming Fuji X-Pro1 will not have an AA filter. Are there loads of posts on the Fuji forum concerned about moire because of this?

Personally, I think this whole moire issue is being blown way out of proportion.
Dave Carter

I concur, moire can become a way bigger problem than a slightly softer D800 image. People here keep saying to themselves that Landscapes are exempt of repeated patterns but this is utterly wrong, unless they only shoot stones and skies. Even shooting seascapes and waves can become a problem.

Landscapes often include buildings, streets, cables, grids, etc... The example you post is the perfect representation of the moire issue, here is another one :

Be certain to expect such shots when coming back home after a 2 week holiday trip and having to sort every bad one out ! I don't see the point of buying such a camera for everyday photography and losing time and energy to try to recover moire (which will degrade the overall image).

People, It is a specialty tool, only buy it if you KNOW what you are willing to do with it.

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