Sony's Zeiss lenese with SLTs? No please!

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Re: Now I know why I rarely come here....

i'm come to realize and accept that there will always be users who are pre-biased before they even used a SLT, or used the SLT with bias towards OVF already. Most of them are A900/A850 users that just got very accustomed to using their camera for the past several years and don't feel the need for change. It's natural, as people generally feel the need to justify their purchase and in doing so, put down opposing cameras (even if it was made by the same manufacturer).

OVF owners say that SLT users have to "work around" it's difficiencies, but fail to realize that they are doing the same thing. For instance, how many A900/A850 owners claim they don't "care" about an articulating screen but they have to twist and get down on their knees at certain angles for a shot. Or they don't "need" video but they carry a seperate camera dedicated to video. Or they don't "want" a live histogram in the EVF but they have to take a picture first and then check the histogram.

i've owned the A850 and now a proud owner of the A77. Is the A77 superior to the A900/A850? In certain ways, it is, but the A900/A850 is better than the A77 in certain aspects as well. There is not perfect camera and the A900 or A77 or even the new Nikon D800 are not close to being a perfect camera. But for some, the A77 works better for them, or the A900 is better...etc.

At the end of the day, we are all Sony users and passionate about photography. Let's take a step back and talk about the positive things about Sony and photography and not fight about something that will never end.

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