What if Cannon makes a clean break with Studio/landscape?

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Re: Nikon is taking specialization to a new plateau with D800/D800E

Hans Kruse wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

And I think Canon was doing so less obviously with the 5D2 vs. 1Ds3. The disparity in price blurred this to a large degree. The 1Ds3 might as well never existed for the vast majority of Canon users. It certainly wasn't a choice.

If you look at what happened over the last 4 years is that it was Canon who took the step to release a highrez camera that was not at the top of the price list. The 5D mkII was the reason that we now see the D800 and not a D4X. Also that we will not see a 1Ds equivalent but a 5D mkII successor at a competitive MP level. It would be very strange if this does not happen.

I bought my 1Ds mkIII before the 5D mkII came out exactly 4 years ago. It has served me well and will for some time still. But it was the last of its kind.

Same here.

I went out to get a moon illuminated snow scape this morning only to have solid cloud cover. While setting there I gave this some thought. My whole problem with photography is that I take boring pictures. I am sure I can work on that with the gear I have now.

I dwell on the technical side because its something I understand whereas art I don't.

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