Using Canon 100mm macro for non-macro photography...

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Re: Using Canon 100mm macro for non-macro photography...

Hi Tom,

Canon 100mm macro lens can be used for almost any type of photography without any limitations. AF may be slow if you forget to use range limiter to exclude macro range.
At 100mm both lenses (I mean original and L IS) are much better than 24-105L.
I had original 100mm macro and now enjoying L version.
here is my field experience with it.

BlueTrain wrote:

Hi All,

Is there anything inherently 'wrong' with using my Canon 100mm macro lens for other types of photography, particularly travel, landscape, architectural photography?

I have taken a number of test shots and they look ok.

Reason I ask is that although I just love this lens, I really could do with the extra stops of light from the IS (L series) version of the 100mm macro lens, and would like to upgrade.

I have the L series 24-105mm Canon lens which i'm finding I dont use all that often these days. For landscape work I use the 17-40mm, I also have a 50mm prime lens, and so if I upgraded to the L series 100mm macro then that more or less covers the range of the 24-105mm. Except maybe it doesn't, as presumably the L series macro wont perform as well at 100mm as the L series 24-105 at the same focal length?


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