so where are the Ricoh products at Japan show

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Re: so where are the Ricoh products at Japan show

keoj wrote:

I agree with your "live with what is available" view for the most part but......

  • Would I have bought Windows7.64 if I knew that the world would move to a Linux based OS soon?

I don't know. I would never buy a Windows system unless there were no other OS offerings available.

  • Would I purchase the last Samsung TV if I knew that Samsung was getting out of the TV business?

I don't watch TV so I have no interest. When I've bought a television to watch movies on, I just buy what looks good in the store at the price point I want to afford, and that I've looked up service and repair records for. I don't know if my television presently is a Sony, an LG or a Whatchamacallit unless I go over there and look.

  • Would I have purchased the last electric typewriter as computers and word processors are are starting to be sold?

I still use my electric typewriter occasionally. I prefer to do my creative writing on a typewriter most of the time, despite that my work as a technical writer requires that I use a structured XML editor ... My electric typewriter is a lovely, 1957 vintage Smith-Corona compact electric with manual return and a beautiful cursive type. I've been typing with it since I was in High School. And I'm old.

To me, I buy into a brand because I like their particular products, I don't buy a product because I like a brand. A camera, like a typewriter, is a particular, personal thing ... I still use cameras that are long long obsolete but work just the way I like them to. For instance, I prefer the Olympus E-1 to many more modern DSLRs despite that it's only 5Mpixel and dog slow writing files. Olympus still services them, but mine has never needed service ... I bought it used five years ago and have put a couple ten-thousand exposures on it. When I breaks I'll be sad if Olympus no longer services it, but such is life.

The GXR-M feels like it's going to be another one of those cameras with staying power.

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