Some thoughts on the D800 vs. the D800E. Most of us better off with D800.

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Some thoughts on the D800 vs. the D800E. Most of us better off with D800.

Someone mentioned that the sheer resolution of the D800E would make moire effects less of an issue. I think this is untrue, to an extent.

I’m thinking that the only thing the added resolution would do is make moire effects an issue at further distances or on fabrics that have finer knit patterns like business suits, for example. The resolution of the D800E is certainly high, but it’s not so high that every detail we photograph at realistic distances will hit the sensor larger than the distance between the pixels.

Here’s what Nikon says about the D800E on their website:

"This is an ideal tool for photographers who can control light, distance and their subjects to the degree where they can mitigate the occurrence of moiré. “

Think about that, for a second: the photographer who can:
1. control light
2. control distance
3. control their subjects order to mitigate the occurrence of moire.

I’m thinking that there is simply no substitute for a filter, pure and simple. And in light of this, I’m thinking that moire is going to turn out to be more prevalent using the D800E than some of you may think - especially those of you who plan on using it in ‘real life’ situations where you’ll get clothing, rugs, window screens, etc. in the shot.

Furthermore, when you look at those three items, that hardly sounds like the kind of photography for which most of us would be using our D800’s (or D800E’s). Clearly, Nikon intended for the D800E to be used in a more controlled setting.

And when you consider the fact that the sharpness difference between the D800 and D800E is quite modest, the prospect of dealing with digital camera artifacts in photos makes the D800E simply not worth it to those of us who don’t intend our next purchase to be used for a very specific purpose.

Am I mistaken?

Nikon D800 Nikon D800E
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