Fuji Guys Twitter implies more X100 Upgrades

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Re: Fuji Guys Twitter implies more X100 Upgrades

Slippery slope!

Few posts like this and then someone will start posting that fuji promised big firmware update after x pro 1 is released. I had enough of the daily "fuji promised firmware in January"... what is all the buzz about some magic firmware????

Honestly, what can be done in X100 firmware that is not HW dependent and would be a "significant"?

DrewLavyne wrote:

Poster: How could X-10 get RAW programmability but not the X-100? This is almost comically frustrating and insulting.

Fuji Guys: A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience - Moliere

My take: Patience was the big hint here. Sit tight, there's more on the way for the X100. In fact if you look at his earlier Tweet from this morning he called 1.13 a minor update...which begs the question, "could a major update be that far behind?"

My prediction: Once the X-1 Pro is released we'll get that major 2.0 update for the X100 with everything the marketing folks leaked out last year. Fuji would never release what is essentially another version of the X-1 Pro software for the X100 until the X-1 Pro is out in the wild.

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