Is Nikon D800 any good for sports/street?

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Re: Is Nikon D800 any good for sports/street?

As one who used to shoot college sports with a Nikon F, I do not see all this BS about focusing speed etc. Of course I'm an old school photographer and an old one also, It's gotten just too easy now. As for street photography, the camera is too big, too visible. Smaller is better. Having shot with all sorts of cameras with both Canon and Nikons, I have found that for street shooting , putting the M-9 aside as it's too expensive, the Olympus E-Pl 2 is perfect. And yes I can use all sorts of lenses with adapters even my old Summicrons. Just an opinion. Nevertheless, this appears to be a superb camera. It may have too many pixels for my taste and type of work but for those who need them it's really nice.

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