Who Would Have Thought The OMD E-M5 Would Create Such a Buzz???

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Re: Quality design sells...

Ray Sachs wrote:

There are a lot of modern looking guitars but the old standby Strat and Les Pauls still sell like hotcakes with updated internals and modern manufacturing.

There are other guitars available?!? Nobody seems to be too interested in anything other than Strats and Teles, Les Pauls and SGs - apart from metal heads - or those trying to be cool by being different. The reason people still buy classic guitars is that they work, and are a known quantity.

One could argue that the same is true with cameras. If you've used Olympus (or Nikon, or a Strat etc) for years and are thoroughly attuned to all the quirks then it makes quite a bit of sense to stick with what you know unless there's some huge benefit in switching.

Having siad that, the OM-D seems to tick some useful boxes:

  • Compatible with all Zuiko lenses so far (and everything else)

  • Built-in EVF

  • Improved high ISO performance & IBIS

  • Weather sealing

  • More m43 lenses being announced every month

  • Still small and light enough

  • Styling cues from the classic OM series

I personally think the camera would look nicer with a more petite hump but it's a small price to pay for the feature set. Yes, the GH2 is no doubt an excellent camera, but IBIS is enough reason for me to stick with Olympus.

Of course, nothing is going to suit everybody, and probably every single person would make things different in some way if they could but hey, close enough...

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