How important is image stabilization on walk around lens?

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Re: How important is image stabilization on walk around lens?

I don't generally find IS useful on a walkaround for street photography. I shoot candids, and the spin-up time of IS is a dealbreaker for many shots. However, the term "walkaround" means different things to different people. If you're shooting architecture, landscapes, or even less dynamic street scenes, IS might be useful. That's particularly true if you like to shoot near dawn or dusk, as a couple extra stops of handholding can give you an extra hour or more of shooting time. All that aside, 28mm isn't wide enough on a Canon crop body for a walkround in urban areas. You really need something at least as wide as (approx.) 22mm (35mm equiv. on full frame). Also, only Canon lenses are compatible with all the correction functions in DPP, and that can save time, money and frustration. Given the two lenses under consideration, I think you'll be much better off with the Canon.

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