Looks like 1.03 is a placebo firmware.

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Re: aeneon are you confused

aeneon wrote:

I bought it because Fuji offered me £123 off one two days before the fix , thats because i returned a faulty one and had the option to repair or upgrade.
You should ask before you assume. But what did i expect huh !!

if that's the case, i owe you an apology !



i still don't understand why you just recently you wrote that you "only had it for two days" and were asking general questions about usage and such.

and 5 days ago you wrote the following :

Beautiful photos and these were one of the reasons i went ahead and bought an X10 today !!

Yes .. yes .. i know i wasnt going to.... but i wanted to be a genuine owner moaner

so this time i'll ask before drawing conclusions. please do explain.

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