Misconceptions about DOF, lens brightness, etc.

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Re: Misconceptions about DOF, lens brightness, etc.

But you do agree that the way they've defined it, the calculated values for DOF are only relevant to images viewed from a close distance if they are printed in their native resolution?

So, for gigantic prints viewed from a distance of 30", the DOF difference between images taken on different sensors will be visible. But wait, then you wouldn't be able to see the whole scene at all, and one of the images would appear pixellated. Though luck, aint it?

Of course, once you reduce them both to the size where the lower resolution image is no longer pixellated, well, all the difference is gone. So, in all real life situations (prints in magazines, wall photos, giant placards on buildings, etc.) the apparent DOF depends on jsut the aperture of the lens, not the size of the sensor behind it.

Same lens, same aperture, same DOF in prints. No ifs ands or buts.

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