Nikon shot down D4 with D800

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Re: Nikon shot down D4 with D800

D4 = speed and high ISO king
D800 = detail king

I'm sorry but unless you looked at the wrong sample photos you can clearly see that the D4 handles High ISOs much better than the D800 does. Also there is a significant difference between the shooting speeds of the two cameras.

Of more importance to note is that the D4 will most likely sell less than the D800 but that has already been accounted for. Ever seen a sales pyramid. The premium product sell at a higher price but at a lower volume. Anyway lets not get into sales talk because Canon still has to release the 5D Mk3 and depending on what salvo they fire it could get very interesting. For example does Canon make a Medium Format capable (in terms of resolution) DSLR or a cheaper 1dX?

Anyway the D4 and D800 are for two very different purposes. I for one would be very interested in a D4/1dx if I could afford one.

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