I don't get it at all, how is D4 (considerably) "better"?

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Re: I don't get it at all, how is D4 (considerably) "better"?

coudet wrote:

RodluvanII wrote:

Ilkka Nissilä wrote:

Have fun with artifacts! From looking at prints made with D800E images you couldn't give the camera to me without paying a fee for me store it. I don't want a camera that can often yield a significantly incorrect image with most of my photographs being of people subjects (with clothes!).

Do the medium format digitals back used today have such filter?

No, and that's why they all have artifacts Ilkka is talking about.

Some digi backs can shift their sensor ever so slightly (exactly one pixel) and combine 4 shots to get true color + moire free images.

As the Nikon will be used handheld with modest shutter times there will be some blur both from lenses and movement. I would not pick the D800E for studio or if you shoot with flash often. Otherwise I think there will be no problem.

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