Different strategies – the struggle for the 21st Century

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Re: The struggle for the 21st Century

In other words : Nikon does launch cameras with shortcomings in order to protect their DSLR line and to keep digital hierarchy as it is.

On the face of it, it looks exactly like the N1 has been placed in such a way that neither the p7100 or DSLR lines are directly threatened and that the new product will actually grab new market share.

HOWEVER, Nikpn say that development of N1 took four years, that being the case, you have to wonder what will roll off the line in say 12 - 18 months on the DSLR side of things. If we do keep the DSLR mount but lose the mirrorbox and also get some of the amazing features of the N1 in DSLR's then the differences between N1 and DSLR's will be viewed in a different light than they are at this moment in time and users will likely have a better feel for which single system suits them best as both systems will be on a more parallel couorse.

The production costs of DSLRs must be pretty low by now, so they will sell as many as possible for as long as possible. I don't expect them to innovate, because they make a lot of money from the status quo

The innovation in the DSLR world has been huge in terms of auto-focus and sensor design and live view / video. Even my 'simple' D5100 blows everything else I have owned at that level away in terms of capability and image quality.

While digital was looking like 'maturing' just a coiple of years ago, the new technologies have exploded into a new golden age of digital improvement, 2012 is a massively exciting time in the camera world. I believe that the next 12 - 18 months will bring DSLR's (currently on the drawing boad - and the J1/V1 is a hint of what is to come) that will just be total game changers.

In the past we have had film users not wanting to go to digital (most now have), DSLR users not wanting Live View (but this is now seen as a massively valuable asset - or you can simply not use it) and DSLR users not wanting to lose their OVF (yet the march onwards of ever improving EFV is relentless). In 18 months time, the workings of a DSLR will be unrecognisable from something of 5 years ago (as the Sonly SLT's are showing). So I think DSLR's have been and will remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

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