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Re: Oly has no winner here. (Part 1)

Anders W wrote:

Did you actually test the degree of "pop" by comparing them on the same camera, e.g., the G1?

Obviously I cannot test anything but the Zeiss lens on the R1 since it is not a removable lens. I can test the same lens on the G1 and the A55, although the crop factor is different. My opinion is that the A55 has more "pop" due to the better color sensitivity but I should test that.

I should probably do a 4 camera test even though I cannot use the same lenses on each camera. But if the R1 wins it is not because of the sensor so it must be the lens. I can do the A55 @ 70mm (using the 70-300) = 105mm (35mm equivalent), the R1 at 105mm, the SD14 @ 50mm = 85mm (unfortunately that's the closest I can get to 105mm), and the G1 @ 50mm = 100mm (using the Olympus f3.5 macro or the Minolta f1.4). Or I can do them all at 85mm (35mm equivalent), but then I have to use a Pentax Takumar (M42) 55mm for the A55 and the 14-45 for the G1. I don't think the Takumar is as good as the 70-300, though, so it may be biased against the A55. But doing both tests might be worthwhile to see how things change with different lenses. First I need to find a worthy subject...

You should never take anyone's word for it (not even mine). But did you look at LTZ470's recent posts. And that's when using the lens for a purpose it wasn't really designed for (close-ups):

They are quite nice. That is impressive for that lens, although it is unclear whether the 100-300 can fill the frame with these subjects (this is always an issue when looking at small images on the internet--you don't know how much it has been downsized). But, as you say, that is not a normal use for this lens. It is very difficult to evaluate lenses using only the internet. Places like Photozone and SLRGear test at a fixed distance, usually pretty close which says little about the lens at longer (or shorter) subject distances. User review sites can be biased because people always like things on which they have spent a lot of money. The best thing is to rent the lens, if possible...

Cheers, Keith

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