Best Photo Blog App?

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Re: Best Photo Blog App?

I could perhaps clarify.

Tumblr is great because:

  • it works like instagram if you want

  • you can feed it onto facebook and twitter

  • unlike instagram, tumblr is actually part of the internet. you can find your stuff from your computer. you can send a link to your tumblr to others. people can find it on google.

  • tumblr has its own eco system where users connect based on interest. your stuff could be huge if you post good stuff.

  • you can also do things like add text, quotes, link and so on, and also its easy to use tumblr as a notebook, just by clicking Share on any news item on a web page, and selecting tumblr.

Adam2 wrote:
Good thought, I'll check it out. Thanks.

spacelounge wrote:

tumblr is by far the easiest and best solution for you.

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