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Re: The resolution limit is way out there...

Thanks for the answers. Sometime back (film era, budding digital) I did a back-of envelope calculation using lines per mm published in magazine lens tests and concluded that practically, normal photography will not get above about 50 lines per mm (now line pairs per mm). This works out to about 15 megapixels on a "full frame" sensor.

I am talking about commercially available lenses in normal use. I might suggest the following as examples (all Nikon): 35m f2.0 - 50mm f1.4 - 24-70 f2.8 - 105 mm f2.5, etc.

None of these lenses approach being diffraction limited to my knowledge (unless, perhaps, stopped way down), so why are these lenses presumed to need and AA filter given the current pixel density cited in the original post?

I an not trying to start an argument - only trying to understand better.




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