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Re: Not well said Gary!

You're right. I have a feeling that it's going to get lower until the supply of the SD15 dries out and it becomes the mainstream SD.

I've thought about this after reading comments that Sigma wouldn't run two types of sensors in production.

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

Digital Coast Image wrote:

My first post here after the announcement was....


Because that was the price I was anticipating all along.

No resentment, no issues, just glee. Glad to see the camera I always wanted from Sigma was finally priced as they initially promised.

Er, not quite...The price they actually "promised" the SD1 would be, if you will remember correctly, was the same as a Canon 7D...In B&H the Canon 7D, body only, is currently $1345...But according to the official SD1M announcment, which Sigmafia member, m-"ten fingers"-kr posted here:

...the SD1M will cost $3300...Which is $1955 more!

In other words, even at the new lower price, the SD1M is still way too expensive!

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