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Re: Does Nikon have a better vision?

Mouser wrote:

peter42y wrote:

In other words : Nikon does launch cameras with shortcomings in order to protect their DSLR line and to keep digital hierarchy as it is.

Unfortunately I have to agree.

I know the guy is over-quoted these days, but from the Steve Jobs bio: "One of Jobs’s business rules was to never be afraid of cannibalizing yourself. “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will,” he said. So even though an iPhone might cannibalize sales of an iPod, or an iPad might cannibalize sales of a laptop, that did not deter him."

I don't put all the blame on Nikon. First, it is extremely difficult for any successful company to bring out a product that disrupts their own business.

Second, it seems like all of the other camera companies try to protect what they have as well. For example, it took Panasonic to popularize wide angle and hardware based image stabilization in point and shoot cameras. They didn't have any "big camera" business to protect at that time, so they had nothing to lose by making P&S cameras better.

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