New lenses 560/5.6? 50/1.8?

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Re: New lenses 560/5.6? 50/1.8?

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Marc Sabatella wrote:

This particular naysayer never claimed it would be a bad idea to put out something like the DA50/1.8 (although I would have preferred a better build, even if it bumped the price $50 or so). I'm personally glad to see it, even though I have zero interest in it myself.

Well I won't pin it on you but there was some stiff resistance from many on this forum. Heaven knows why though..

My main "nay" was to the notion that the lack of such a lens was reason for everyone to avoid Pentax. ethe simlle fact is that not everyone actually needs or wants a 50/1.8. It's just another lens, like a 31/1.8 or 40/2.8 or 43/1.9 or 55/1.4 or 70/2.4 or 77/1.8 or any other lens that some might find worth having but others might not.

But the point being "fast/cheap"

The 31mm f1.8 is £1000! The 40mm pancake is actually quite a nice little lens, but it's not really fast. 43.. f1.9 again £600 odd same for the 55mm f1.4

I know people might go for those, but the bread and butter is the affordable angle..then you can work your way up if you want to.

If your particular needs are such you are willing to give up SR, WR, and/or AA support in your camera - plus any chance of also adding any other focal length prime in the 30-85 range - just to get a 50/1.8, and yet you apparently don't need such a lens badly enough to consider shelling out an additional $200 for a 50/1.4 of higher quality, then fine, Canikon becomes the obvious choice. But not everyone would or should be willing to give all that up just to have the option of saving $200 by choosing a relatively low quality portrait lens over a higher quality one. With or without a 50/1.8, Pentax still makes a ton of sense for many people. Adding a 50/1.8 doesn't really change that, but it does at least remove one of the roadblocks for the small number of people who would actually find that saving a little money by compromising quality on one lens was more important than the many other advantages Pentax offers.

The 50mm f1.8 will probably be a very good seller for Pentax. Personally I don't have any interest myself because I'd rather they did a "Nikon" and gave you a better deal for a bit more better build and all the bits thrown in and importantly a metal mount.


The only way I'd even touch a plastic mount prime is part of a kit deal or at a sub £100 price (like the Canon plastic cheapo 50mm f1.8)

I'm sure Pentax will pick a price of around £150 odd which is ok, but I'm a lot more impressed with the Nikkor primes myself

I also said "nay" to the assumption that the popularity of the 50/1.8 on other systems proves it will be just as popular on Pentax. It should be obvious, but I guess i have to point out that one of the factors that Influences a customer's choice in lenses is what his choices actually are. If the only focal lengths you have to choose from in the normal to portrait range are 35, 50, and 85, then 50 will get way more hits than if your choices are 31, 35, 40, 43, 50, 55, 70, and 77. No doubt, the 50/1.8 will sell well on account of price alpne, but it might not be the runaway success some assume it will be. And we also have no way of knowing whether Pentax stands to make much money on these sales, or whether the margins are too thin for that.

Of course they will make money on the sales. Even more so as they cheaped out the build and it's screw drive/no hood/cheapo caps etc etc

You miss the point again..some of the limited lenses are nice, some are slow (the affordable ones) some are fast (the expensive ones)

Choice is good that's why folks want to have that.

So, again, I'm glad the new lens will exist, but I don't see amything I'e said as having been proven wrong.

Don't worry I don't dig what Pentax have done either
I asked for a

35mm f1.8 metal mount/decent build prime
and a 50mm f1.8 metal mount/decent build prime

At least the 50mm is fast it would have been fairly entertaining to have another "f2.4" prime on the scene

I might be a bargain hunter but I'd happily pay a bit more for those bits

As it is at least it gives Pentax users a chance to get some fast glass at a low price and that's a good thing really.

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