I was shooting with D4 and D800E today.

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Re: I was shooting with D4 and D800E today.

I had a D4 and D800 in my hands for an hour and a half yesterday as well. The local Nikon rep was showing them to the staff at Vistek and I happened to sit in on the fun. I asked if I could pull the card from my D700 and pop it in the D800 so I could have some pics to look at on my computer at home but the Nikon rep was very emphatic that I could not since it was a pre-production D800. In fact it didn't even say D800 on the body.

I was surprised to find the D800 body slightly smaller than My D700 and the new design with the more rounded look does fit quite nicely in the hand. I cranked the ISO on the D800 and took some pics and was only able to look at the results on the LCD on the back of the camera so I can't really comment on the high ISO capability. The Nikon rep said it should be about as good as the D3/D700 (not the D3s).

What I can say is that after the presentation I put a deposit on a D800 (not D800E) and am very much looking forward to getting my hands on it.

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