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Re: Olympus, just like everyone else, looking left and right for the best they find..

Sounds like sour grapes Olyflyer. Maybe you should buy an OM system again.

In 10 years my olympus lenses will all still be working while your mechanical IS lenses will no longer be working.

I will be replacing bodies once every 4 years or so and you will also have to replace all of your lenses.

I will also have IS for my 30 year old manual primes and the Nokton lenses as an added benefit.

But you really don't even have to be here do you? Just go play with your own toys.

olyflyer wrote:

eaa wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Which feature in this camera are you thinking about?

5-axis IS for one - the next generation IS.
(as they initially invented IS as such)

Please keep it... It may work well but I still prefer a fixed sensor and if I want IS it is better in the lens than swinging around the sensor. I don't think it will be spread so widely.

There are some pretty neat features for the EVF too (like the curve overlay).

Hardly an invention, if anyone would have been interested it would have been there a long time ago in every other camera. Anyway, the EVF seems to have some limitations, it is getting smaller if the setting is shown as well... Not to be proud about I guess... but of course, if it's an Oly nobody can complain about that.

And the incremental monitoring of long exposures (Live Bulb/Live Time mode)
will surely come in handy for instance during Aurora photography, not?

What is the "incremental monitoring of long exposures"? Is that the same as the good old TRUE TTL metering the OM-2 had? In that case yes, sure it can be useful in many situations.

It's also the first rugged and sealed MILC on the market.

What's wrong with the NEX or the V1? Are they falling apart? Sure, this one is the first weather sealed body, but there is only one lens... and that one is very slow...

So, once again Oly presents some "frsts".
Which the other brands will eventually mimic in a year or two.

Or not...

What about hybrid AF? Not available? Well... maybe in a few years time... or never. Who knows.

What is the maximum frame rate? 9 fps? Well, of course that's more than enough, who will ever need more than that? The 60fps of V1 is just rediculous (for now).

What is the maximum shutter speed? 1/4000s? That's really quite slow compared to 1/16000, but who will ever need anything above 1/4000 (for now).

Slow motion movie or 400fps sequential shot? Just a gimmick for fun. Not needed in any serious camera until Oly "invents" it.

Touch screen? Hurray! Finally! My camcorder had it for quite a while as well as some other cameras...

Swivel screen? Who needs it... Olympus has "invented" the "new" tilting screen with this camera. The one others have been ridiculed for before, I just recently learned on this forum how practical it is... so now, that's all future Olympus cameras need

This is also the first Oly with built in EVF... several years after it has been introduced as a built in feature in other cameras... You see? Oly was NOT the first with a useful EVF, in fact quite late, but I am glad they start to mimic others and realized that to be taken seriously, they must have the VF built in.

Seen that before, haven't we!

Olympus invented the SSWF. Period. What else have "we" seen before?

Now they introduced the new IBIS, I hardly believe many will follow, not even Panasonic seems to be interested so far, but we will see in the next generation.

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