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Re: Mac vs. PC

A while back, I was considering an Apple system (both laptop and desk top) and went to an Apple store and asked some questions.

Being from a PC and used to opening my computers and adding more memory, additional hard drives, better video card, etc. and as I was stating all this to the Apple sales/technicians, they said that if you open an Apple computer box/laptop to do any of this, you void your warranty.

The only ones that can do any of these changes has to be an Apple technician and using only Apple authorized parts; even though some of this equipment is exactly the same as you can buy yourself. That means that if you want to add a Western Digital hard drive, you cannot go to Best Buy or Micro Center and purchase one, for a reasonable price, but have to have an Apple purchased and installed Western Digital hard drive,at a much higher price.

Apple wants to control all aspects of the hardware going into their machines, who puts them in there, etc. so you cannot come back to them and say that the computer does not work properly; from clumsy hands doing the install or using off brand stuff.

Is this still true?

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