From 450 to 600D, 60D or a used 7D?

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From 450 to 600D, 60D or a used 7D?

Hi I really need your help.

I'm a satisfied 450D owner but I have just sold it. I need an upgrade. It's the right time to do it

I have a Tamron 18-270 lens to use with. Usually I like shoot natural landscapes and I bring camera with me when I do tracking in mountains, ski touring or a simple walking near home. I like also shoot animals in action and if I can, birds (but I think that for doing this I would really need a more expensive lenses). I like also shoot flowers and all the beautiful the nature show us. Yes, I know, is a really poor definition of my interest. I should say that I need a camera that is good for all the situations also to internal photos and human portraits.

With 450D I have noticed that in low light situations was not so good I would have a little more sensibility. (I also know that my lens is not so suited for this situation but I have planned to buy soon a fixed focal length to solve this problem like a 50 or 35 mm ).

With 450D I have also noticed that AF is not so fast. I have tried to shoot cars during a race has been so difficult to do a good job.

I really like to realize color realistic and detailed photos I don't like pleasant (nice to see) over saturated in colors photos. I like working a lot in post processing phase on my PC to reach this objective.

I also like the idea to make videos with a reflex. Often a video it's the best way to fix special moments of our life.

I read all the review about the the 600D the 60D and the 7D and I'm little bit confused.
My budget allow me to buy a new 600D or may be a 60D but no more then a used 7D.

I read the final vote of each of them and the worst seams to be the 600D and the best is the 7D, but 7D's review was done two years before the more recent 600D. Do the 7D be rated so well now? Is because of the same core shared among 600D, 60D and 7D (I mean that there was not a core upgrade) the not so high 600D score?

The 60D is always in the middle (prices, score and date of release) but I don't really know if the difference in price with 600 it's justified. And a newer 60D is not so far from a 7D used in terms of cost.

What I like in 60D is the little bit more high frame rate in continues shooting the bigger size (I have big hands) and the on the top display. The core of the machine is about the same of the 600D with the same processor. Moreover 60D is one year older so I think that there is not a lot of differences from 600 to 60D.

The 7D instead seams to be a really different machine more faster due to a dual Digic 4. So I suppose a faster and more reliable AF. Could be also useful to have the two axis level feature on the showed in the mirror view when I do skyline photos. There is no articulated screen but I'm not really sure to want it.

I like also the more powerful AF due to 19-point AF system (all cross-type) but apart of the numbers I only suppose that this could be more faster and reliable.

I really like the 8 frames per second continuous shooting that I could use to shoot actions.

I don't really know if the “1.0x magnification and 100% coverage viewfinder” feature could be useful for me but I like it.

About “Multi-aspect ratio shooting (3:2, 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, previewable in Live View)” I'm not really sure is so useful. The same task could be done in post processing.

About the sensitivity seams that the 600D have some more features but I'm not fully convicted. The maximum value 12800 is the same but in 600D you can set a variable maximum for auto setting. Auto setting in 600D goes from 100 to 6400 instead goes from 100 to 3400 for the 7D. This could be a limitation.

It's clear that what I like in 600d is the price, the size bigger then the 550D the same sensor of 7D and more or less the same core of more expensive and more professional 60D.

In summary what I want is a camera better then mine 450D more professional and with higher performance. Really I don't want toy camera that could be better only for a few post processing feature in camera added ( like • Basic+ or Creative filters ) . Because I'm not sure to use them. With my 450D I have used for the 99% of the shoots RAW image and P mode. What I want is a good core with high definition also with high ISO and a fast and and reliable AF. Is the 7D really better the 600 and the 60 even though is two years older the 600? And the 60 could be a valid alternative?

Thank you for who have read me till now despite my long post with a so bad English.

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