Huge limitation of the OM-D

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Huge limitation of the OM-D

I have owned for many years 4/3 gear, cameras, HG and SHG glass, flashes, the wholes etup.

Anyway, I love the OM-D concept, I've been drooling over this camera since they presented it. Already thinking of pre order one, and not only the camera, but a serious investment in m4/3 system.

There were a few things I did not liked about O-MD.

I hate the EVF feeling, although I understand the usability. I won't shoot interlaced video ever in my life, I rather kill myself. The OM-D only shoots 720 progressive.

I can live with that, no camera is perfect. The only thing I really NEED to work is tracking AF. I cannot use a camera that does not have usable continuous auto focus, some VERY important pictures I take rely on that. I don't need high fps so 4.1 is plenty for me.

From the comments it seems that C-AF really works in 4.1 fps mode, so that's great.

So what's the limitation you ask ?

Well, I just found that this camera cannot be set to any ISO below 200. That and combined with a maximum 1/4000 SS.

This for me is mind blowing stupid. Olympus must be missing a memo. So you have a system that due to it's format compromises the possibilities of shallow DOF and your top of the line camera it's only capable of 1/4000 at ISO 200 ? That is just crazy.

So I have to wait for cloudy days to use my expensive fast lenses, like the Leica f/1.4 or the 45mm f/1.8 or the upcoming 75mm f/1.8 ?

I know this because I used f/2 lenses like the 35-100mm a lot, and on my E-620 I had to go to ISO 100 and 1/4000 to shoot at f/2 in a day with beautiful light. And my images were still a little over exposed but just by a bit, fixable in RAW.

Too bad, I will not buy a camera that will not let me use my expensive fast lenses the way I want to, and the way they should work.

The new Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8 has superb optics, costs 500 $, probably half of the price of the 75mm f/1.8 Zuiko. Yes it's a BIG FF lens, and I would pay more to get compact, but the thing is the O-MD fast lens combination will not work in daylight.

Olympus E-620 (EVOLT E-620)
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