36 megs FF v/s 30 megs MF: Which is better?

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Re: 36 megs FF v/s 30 megs MF: Which is better?

star shooter wrote:

Ok, we have a 36 meg FF chip BFD. But when compared to say a Phase One's 30 megs which will give the better quality image? The smaller chip with 6 megs more than the latter or what?

Another question is: What is the max. print size one could do anyway, off a 24x36mm chip as opposed to a MF chip when set at 100 ISO?

Is there any glass that can match the rez of these chips like in the D800?

The day will come no doubt, when we'll have 25 + megs or more in the P&S cameras! FM, what next? Nikon and Canon bringing out 40, 50, 60 meg chips by 2020?

Use what you have and make the best of it, I say. Hmmmm.. anyone see where I left my digital 500meg 4x5 camera?

800 will be worse but 800E will be very close to Phase One. Normally you don't print in 2:3 ratio so the real MP could be the same.
Decide the print quality for example 200 dpi
Short side of D800=4900pixel

Medium frame will not stay on 40MP and below. That market is now gone. They must all upgrade to 60-120MP. Will they use CCD or CMOS?
Will Sony sell CMOS to them?

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