I Might Trade-In My NEX-5N - Help!

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Re: I Might Trade-In My NEX-5N - Help!

gfrensen wrote:

Two things about the other cameras:

1. The AF in video is way better on the Sony camera and it has IBIS, that is fgreat for Sony

2. Canon has more lenses (not important when Sony has the lenses you want, but very important if Canon has lenses you want and Sony not) Canon is more traditional...

Yeah I understand the a65 has PDAF even in video mode, which is awesome. But I've also heard the UI is sluggish/buggy. Plus that proprietary hot shoe is just stupid. You have to buy a $200 adapter to use standard mountable accessories? Balls.

The 60D is definitely the more "traditional" DSLR, but I hear the autofocus during video is a bit of a joke. But that's a standard problem with all straight DSLRs. You'd have to go with something like the a65 or the GH2 to get proper AF during video.

I think I might just be looking for larger, more comfortable ergonomics mostly. Otherwise I really like the 5N.

Any other thoughts between the 60D/a65/GH2?

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