How much more detail with new d800 vs d700

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Re: How much more detail with new d800 vs d700

I shoot a D700 semi-professionally and also run print and imaging studio that prints for other photographers to sizes of A1 (and beyond) on high end Epson printers, so I was interested to see what the gain in resolution would relate to in real terms.

I'm not going to be upgrading my D700 as I honestly don't need the extra resolution at the moment but after printing out a couple of Nikon's samples to A1+ without resampling them, I can honestly say these are some of the best images I've ever seen, and this includes some from Hasselblads and similar.

By changing the resolution of the file to 210ppi in Photoshop without resampling and adding a little output sharpening - as I would with images from any camera - a print of approx 35" x 24" can be made with ease. In the case of the shot of the model with the cat on the couch, this means that the model is virtually life size and the detail in her eyes, the purple material and the fur of the cat are unbelievable.

I also printed out a set of test strips at actual printer resolutions of 1440x720 and 2880x1440 dpi and there was actually a slight visible increase in visible detail. I need to do more testing before making bold statements but I'd be pretty sure that if the printer can handle the high effective resolution of an image reduced to a smaller size without resampling then I would expect more detail to be visible.

I'm hoping to get the chance to shoot my D700 and D800 side-by-side as soon as possible in ideal conditions which will give me an pair of images to test both printing and image processing in more detail. I'll report back once I've got this done!

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