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rondom wrote:

andrew welcome back...


I have no knowledge of the inner workings of big corporations etc...but my thinking is, it will give ricoh more opportunity to continue its niche products. this is what ricoh photo division was all about when they were inside a big business machines company.

True. But I think that within Ricoh they had access to a vast pool of resources and know-how (for example, ergonomics and firmware experts) that may not be available as readily within the Pentax structure. Also I am not sure how Pentax managers are going to justify the existence of two separate R&D teams with possibly different philosophies.

now they can be exactly the same-a niche photo company-within a large and resourceful photography company. if they retain their creative team it will be a dream come true situation...

I am afraid I don't see the situation in the same way as you do. Unless Ricoh suddenly becomes profitable as a separate operation (which hasn't been the case in the last 4 years), it will be very difficult for Pentax managers to justify the costs of keeping it a separate operation, specially because they have their own agenda to carry on and Pentax itself has its problems to overcome.

Pangloss wrote:

Hello guys,

I have moved to the Netherlands, hence my temporary "disappearance". I just browsed through today for a quick glance and the news about Ricoh hit me: that's just about what I had predicted, from the lack of announcements and nonexistent GXR roadmap.

Ricoh is being folded into Pentax. It seems logical, based on simple math: Ricoh's market share probably shrunk to

I am guessing the two brands will continue to co-exist for some time. As for the GXR... well, I have really given up on it as a mirrorless camera system.

The new Olympus OM-D E-M5 looks like the most attractive choice to me right now, with the 12mm and Panaleica 25mm lenses covering the FLs that I have l learned to use on the GXR, and the 45mm providing a nice portrait option. We'll see, waiting for the first reviews.
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