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Re: Funniest post in a while!

Jogger wrote:

Yeah, that worked out great didn't it. : )

And isn't that a great case study? Someone named Seiko tries to show the Swiss a new-fangled way to make watches by using a quartz crystal. The new movement is many times more accurate than a mainspring movement, but the Swiss say "no, that's not how watches are made."

Well, it is now...

The best made and most coveted watches are Swiss made. That is the difference between a leadership position and selling commodities made in China.

Swiss watches are horrifically expensive and are, for all intents and purposes, jewelry. The Japanese companies (Seiko, Pulsar, etc) have completely taken over the market with timepieces that are more accurate and do things that no mainspring timepiece can do. The watch I wear is solar powered, and will connect to a radio signal each day to synch with the government's atomic clock. It's always got the right time, all for $110. My Omega "moon watch" is nicer, but nowhere near as accurate and functional as the Citizen. The Swiss are not in a leadership position of any kind when it comes to timepieces, but they do make some nice jewelry. Jewelry is coveted because, well, I don't really know. It's not for me. I'm guessing it's the diamond effect: diamonds are coveted because they are expensive. No other reason, really. DeBeers controls the supply through their cartel and prevents other companies from entering the market by making sure that if they do, they'll release tons of product (which we all know is readily available; diamonds are not rare) into the marketplace and dramatically lower the price. Who wants diamonds if they aren't expensive? Nobody. Same for Swiss watches. Lower the price and demand would disappear.

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