Looks like 1.03 is a placebo firmware.

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Re: Never mind

Midwest wrote:

lol101 wrote:

GaryJP wrote:

Plenty of people here were saying they didn't want an orb fix anyway, and probably wouldn't even install it if there was one.

They'll keep Fuji afloat,

Happy to oblige! That way you'll have an orb-free X11 in a few months...

Let's see... $600 USD for an X10... $600 for an X11 (or whatever) which works better... minus $250 for a 'clear conscience with full orb disclosure' sale on Ebay of the X10... equals $950 USD to end up with a $600 camera.

La la la la

That's even ignoring the IF you would trust Fuji again, after this crap..

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