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15.7 (Japanese) million ILCs shipped in 2011

Jogger wrote:

1. What do we know about total volume?

The total worldwide volume of interchangeable-lens cameras (ILCs), both mirrored DSLRs/SLTs and mirrorless CSCs, shipped by Japanese manufacturers was 15.7 million units in 2011. This figure does not include Samsung, so it is not quite the entire worldwide market, but it's pretty close.

In that period, Canon shipped 7.2 million DSLRs and Nikon shipped about 4.7 million (the Nikon figure is an estimate but can't be off by much, and it includes some 1 series CSC cameras (but relatively few); finding the exact number is beyond my stamina at this point).

So out of the total of 15.7 million (Japanese) ILC units shipped worldwide in 2011, somewhere a bit above 12 million were traditional DSLRs (Pentax et. al. also sold some DSLRs last year; and how you count the Sony SLT cameras is yet another sticky wicket.)

The Olympus slide that shows mirrorless market share is constructed in a way to maximize the impression of mirrorless sales success. That said, the trend of growing mirrorless market share is crystal clear. These cameras are becoming a more and more successful business.

At the same time, Canon and Nikon sold more traditional DSLRs in 2011 than ever before, and they almost certainly made more money on them than ever before.

Bottom line: ILCs as a category -- all types -- are an expanding market. Everybody is winning right now. For ILCs, it's happy time (very much not for point-and-shoots).

The total market figures are from CIPA (see my other post in this thread for sources for the Canon and Nikon DSLR figures):


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