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Re: Apparently you haven't checked lately

So I caved-in to peer pressure and bought to Sony batteries from B&H

I did a LOT of searching and reading about batteries for the A77 and it seems like a lot of people were reporting issues with their aftermarket batteries not fully charging or at least not showing as being fully charged by the camera. (Then again, a few people reported the same thing with actual Sony brand batteries.) Many people also reported that the non-Sony batteries get stuck in the camera and have to be pried or "bumped" out. While that might not be a big deal, I guess it's one hassle I can live w/o.

What I found rather alarming is the non-Sony batteries that are even packaged to look like Sony batteries (probably the Chinese batteries mentioned already). Although I don't have a problem buying a non-Sony battery if it was being sold as a non-Sony battery, I'd be mad if I bought what I thought was a Sony battery only to find out it wasn't.

I'm still curious as to how well the Pearson batteries that B&H sells would work. I'd find it odd that B&H would sell a battery that was a complete peice-of-junk, hence tarnishing their name as well.

  • Also note that genuine Sony batteries for the A77 are somewhat scarce right now. Amazon stopped listing them and Adorama is sold out.

Sony sells a "kit" bag that comes with a battery for under $70 (shown in the A77 literature). For someone who doesn't have a bag yet or a spare battery, that's probably a decent deal.
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