X10- Histogram Inaccuracy

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Re: Noise / RAW

What I also found interesting is what appears to be the popularty of the camera.
Sales man said people are buying rapidly. It strikes a cord with many.

It's a high end no disscount store located in Palo Alto, Ca for any who do not know it was and is the home of Steve Jobs and Mark Sukerman, wrong spelling, from Mr Face book. Both live within a few minles of the store. Very rich commity, which I do not live in, pouting! My gut is I'll return and wait for X10 #2. We shall see. Was really dissapointed with the small icons, histogram and exposure override in the lcd, both I use all the time on my other cameras. It's like they wanted to give the read outs an old retro look, but it's missplaced ideal if thats what they intended, when so small hard to see.


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take it slow

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