X10 - Is anyone here actually photographing or only ORB hunting?

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X10 - Is anyone here actually photographing or only ORB hunting?

Sorry but when I read the posts about the X10 in this forum, it seems like it is a completely incapable camera that should be recalled by Fuji and recycled into paperweights!

I have been on dpreview forums since 2003 and I use some good cameras (5D MK II, Fuji X100 and Fuji X10)

I do see the limitations of the Fuji X10 by some of the "orb" samples posted here. And I would go as far as not recommend any night photographer who uses long exposures to buy the X10.

But when I read the posts here it seems like one can't take any good photos with the X10 - probably because those threads get burried since they don't contain the words "orb" or "returned" in context to the X10?

I read post after post that people are going "orb hunting". Is this what it has come down to in terms of Fuji photography, or has this Fuji forum just gotten into a frenzy?

My (or probably all) 5D MK II has a issue where you take a shot at night or in a dark situation and have a bright light just outside the bottom of the frame, it'll produce a nasty flare into the image. Kind of like a light leak on an analog camera. It is some kind of reflection off the mirror onto the sensor. The photo is useless and this was an issue way back on the Canon forums for a day or two. We all know it and we also know how to avoid it. End of story and get on with photography!

And maybe it is a good idea for the sake of the joy of photography to finally do the same on this forum?

So once again, there is an issue with the X10 that seems to be not fixable to 100% We now know it and we either have to deal with it or we have to get rid of the camera an get something else that fits our style of shooting better.

I for my part have taken a few thousand images with the X10 and am mostly pleased with what I got in a small package for that price.

Here are some of the photos I have taken with the X10 and anyone feel free to join in and post your favorite shots.


Enjoy photography with what ever cam you like and choose

Or go ahead and bash me for beeing intolerant


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