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Re: highly confidential - Micro Four Thirds info

The top selling ILC in Japan for January was the Canon X5 double kit lens, which sold for 86,600 yen = $1,117. (prices include sales tax)
2nd X4 double kit lens: 68,100 yen = $878
5th 60D with 18-135 lens: 113,500 yen = $1,464
7th 60D with double kit: 109,700 yen = $1,415

Top selling Oly was E-PL1 double kit lens in 8th place: 44,000 yen = $567

If Oly had strong sales of both its E-PL1 and its more expensive models, then I wouldn't see a problem. However, the best selling E-PL3 configuration was in 16th place in January, E-PM1 was 61st, and E-P3 was 87th.

Give these data, which company, Oly or Canon, do you think had the most profitable January in Japan?


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