highly confidential - Micro Four Thirds info

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Re: highly confidential - Micro Four Thirds info

Jogger wrote:

2. Oly are still selling the EP1, EPL1 at fire sale rates.
3. OMD wont move many units.

Every camera brand's best-selling DSLR is a budget model.

The E-PL1 and E-PL2 probably cost little money to manufacture because they don't have a mirror and PDAF system that has to be in there, and the sensor is smaller and an older-generation compared to APS-C cameras. Lower costs are an advantage of the 4/3 sensor size and mirrorless, so good for Olympus to take advantage of that.

Does it mean that Oly is now the leader of DSLRs? Take a look at the press pool at the superbowl.

Like some other guy said, this is a tiny segement of even professional photography, and there are no hobbyists in the Superbowl press pool.

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