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Re: Good for you, but...

By that logic how many 4/3 cameras can use a m4/3 lens. You make no sense here. You make the comment that m4/3 can adapt any lens ever made. So can NEX (with better results on many) and so could Nikon (no adapters yet).

Well have a look at the Nikon forum for the use of adapted F lenses. No for the moment Nikon marketing is not for those lenses but don't laugh it off. I'm testing the 100-300 against the V1 and 70-200. The V1 + 70-200 gets me 2 stops more lens speed at the long end. No it isn't your everyday setup but I will say that the 30-110 lens on the V1 is like carrying a GX1 with the 14-42 size wise for great reach. Right now I'm in Death Valley and I/m using medium format for my wide angle high resolution stuff with a V1 love my shoulder for small long lens option. It is working out really well and is much smaller than anything going to 300mm on m4/3.

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