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Re: highly confidential - Micro Four Thirds info

these were the only 3 market share slides presented.

I didn't offer a opinion just put them here, ignore them if you want (at your peril).

Jogger wrote:

Kevin Patrick wrote:


1.) You provide worldwide stats in slide 1 then switch to Japan only stats (where MFT has the highest acceptance rate and is currently only 1/3 of the world market) in slides 2 &3. Biased.

2.) Slide 3 lumps all MFT into one category while breaking out each DSLR mount separately. Biased.

3.) By combining all of the DSLR mounts in slide 3 it would show a more accurate representation of 70% versus 30% for MFT. And this is in the one market, Japan, with the highest acceptance of MFT. Other markets will be much lower % for MFT.

My how one can manipulate the data to present any picture one wants, eh?

Its perfectly understandable given the investment scandal that happened at Oly.

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living life to the Four Thirds!

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