D4 cancelled ?

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Re: Thanks Cliff for justifying my thoughts

sebastian73 wrote:

Cliff Mautner:

The pixel counters who left some blog comments need to understand that this camera is not gong to replace a D4. It’s it’s own beast. It does things the D4 wont do. The D4 will do things the D800 wont do. My camera of choice for capturing weddings will be a combination of the two new pieces of technology. The D4 will be the primary camera. It’s low lighting capabilities, responsiveness, and the overall nature of the camera is ideal for what I do.

Think the same The D4 will be my main body for all kind of photography. Second body the D800 for specials.

I completely agree that if I had a pro wedding business I would use both of these, or D3s of course. I don't think either one replaces the others' abilities.

I shoot the rare wedding, because I just stopped enjoying the PP involved with it, so if I get a D800 it will be purely for MP/image size. That's what it's for. That will benefit the shooting I do more than speed or high ISO cleanliness.

Still... what interests me though are those that said they preordered a D4 @ $6,000 seeing that the $3,000 D800 meets the same needs for them, and cancelling orders. Of course, I understand that like myself... not everyone is in this for "need"... I just find it interesting.

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