Does battery voltage difference matter?

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Re: Does battery voltage difference matter?

a hit of meth wrote:

I've been having issues with my olympus camera showing hot pixels in "normal" shots, low iso, high shutter speed, daytime shots etc..

Since the issue has been present in the first camera as well as the two replacement camera's i'm trying to rule out the batteries as the source of the problem.

A battery problem might cause a camera to stop functioning, or lock up etc.

The kind of imaging issues you describe are related to the sensor itself, and can be made worse by higher temperatures. Cameras made for astronomy can cooled by heavy-duty technology such as liquid nitrogen. As ordinary photographers we don't have that luxury. So to some extent images may be affected by the weather conditions. Also, the camera and sensor can warm up during use. The first shot taken in a sequence may be less noisy than later shots.

Or maybe it is either a poor sensor (there will be some variation during manufacture), or possibly it is that you have unrealistic expectations.

Some sample photos might help others to give an opinion on the issue.


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