I think I'll wait for OM-D2 (or will that be E-M6?)

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I think I'll wait for OM-D2 (or will that be E-M6?)

I keep waiting for that perfect mirrorless camera to be released.

And while the OMD comes close, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

1. Not enough control dials

It's great that they added two user customizable dials up top, but since they removed the thumbwheel and rotary dial you end up with the same amount of controls as the EP3. This makes no sense. At the very least, I'd like a third dial to have access to Shutter, Aperture, and ISO at the same time.

2. Mode dial still lacks Custom modes

Really Olympus, if this camera is supposedly aimed at pros and photography enthusiasts, there is no reason to waste space on the mode dial with iAuto, Scene, and Art Modes. Give us 3 Custom modes, and allow users to assign the auto modes to them if they wish. And yes, I know you can assign custom settings to Function Buttons, but I'd rather save those for other things.

3. Still no focus peaking?

While the built-in EVF should help with manual focusing, why hasn't Olympus added focus peaking like other manufacturers? Many photographers still use legacy lenses (it's the main reason I bought a micro four thirds camera).

4. Bad choice of kit lens

Let me get this straight, the kit lens you choose for your new "Pro" camera is a slow, large, weather-sealed zoom lens?

Who is this aimed at, people who do event photography in the rain, outdoors, during the day?

Too short for sports or wildlife, too slow for wedding receptions, too big (and slow) for street photography. I guess it's wide enough for architectural photography, but I'd rather use a faster, smaller, fixed prime lens (which should have been the kit lens).

Olympus PEN E-P3
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