Oly M.4/3 hot pixels (e-pl3 especially), a regular thing?

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Re: Oly M.4/3 hot pixels (e-pl3 especially), a regular thing?

Nigel S wrote:

a hit of meth wrote:

Ok, here's a quick example of a crop I made, hope it's visible on the resize.

When I zoom in on these spots they occupy more than one pixel but I am looking at a JPEG image. If you look at the unprocessed raw image are they single pixels?

I don't quite know what you mean. I use Jpegs straight off the camera...

Here are some examples of the white dots i've found on some photo's of this website.

This is from the E-pl3 sample gallery


From the E-pl3 review page on sharpness and noise (page 14)


FROM the E-P3 samples

This is the worst I've seen of the samples i've viewed, the white dots are scattered around the whole pic. Crop is of the lower left portion of the image.


I've also seen similar things on a few other images on different sites mostly from the E-pl3 and E-p3. So this issue seems to be more widespread than I had thought.

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