D800 - a dying species

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Re: D800 - a dying species

The only problem with this is that "street photography" is moronic elitist pretentious crap.. and a total waste of time and photography.

Michel Savage wrote:

With the D800, we have reached the apex of DSLR, and from there, the DSLR species will be slowly dying.


The camera of the future is full frame, mirrorless, uses live view instead of a viewfinder, has an articulated screen, is very very small, highly portabgle and discrete, as an ISO of 12 800 equivalent to ISO 50 in terms of noise.

It may possibly have a 2.8 21-200 zoom (or whatever) that perfectly matches its 30-35 MP sensor.

Big, heavy through the lens cameras are inherited from the film days. Remember, it was first rangefinders, then oh god, with SLR, we could actually see what the lens saw. Ladies and gentlemen, we will soon be beyond that with mirrorless cameras.

I'll tell ya: I'm on the last day of my Thailand trip, and I've had it with bulky bodies and constant lens changes.

What would Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau shoot with today?

You guessed it: a good point & shoot.

Of the 4,000 pics of street photography I just took, it'll be interesting to see how many are misfocussed and/or misexposed despite using a 5DII with 35L and 85 1.8.

For travel, PJ and street photography, smaller is wiser. The D800 is not smaller and wiser (except maybe for the DR feature - a feature, which can be implemented in the smallest of cameras anyway.) It's as bulky and complicated as ever.

All this to say that Nikon may be showing prowess, but it ain't innovative at all.

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