Looks like 1.03 is a placebo firmware.

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Re: Looks like 1.03 is a placebo firmware.

hi to everyone,

this is my first posting here! i have been following the discussions regarding the x10 in the last weeks with quite a lot of amusement but didn´t really want to participate... after all it´s only about cameras, isn´t it?!

as an early-adaptor of the x10 (i had mine preordered before shipping) i was very excited about this little gem (well, at least potentially). the idea was to have an allrounder that hasn´t to be perfect, but could do everything quite well. it is well build, the menu structure for me is okay, it´s not my first fujifilm cam. even the orbs were no big concern to me for i was trusting fujifilm to "finish" the product with this new firmware update.

to get to the point: i think paul´s absolutely right! i just installed the update, the cam is still oversensitive to bright highlight sources! maybe the appearance changed a little bit, but to do this comparison in detail i don´t feel obliged after what i am perceiving now. propably it just raises iso in exr mode to help reducing the orbs - and i never use exr.

i really have to make up my mind if i want to keep this cam... like it is it just is not the allrounder i was looking for, long-time-exposures do not make any sense, the upgrade hasn´t changed anything about it. that´s my bet from what i see right now.

highly disappointed,

p.s.: if you wanna see some pictures from me - http://ol.aminus3.com/image/2012-01-09.html

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