D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: D800 - best budget lenses?

Just wanted to give my opinion:

Samyang 14mm F/2.8
Nikon 35mm F/1.8G
Nikon 50mm F/1.8G
Nikon 85mm F/1.8G

Should do most of what you need, and not set you back much over 1000$. And the quality should be outstanding.

mfbernstein wrote:

I'm curious what folks think are the best options for the new 36MP sensor if one takes cost into account.

One of the great things about the D700 has been that it makes even modest lenses look acceptable, by virtue of its large pixels. The D800 though, will be far more demanding when viewed at 100%.

So I'm wondering which of the non-pro lenses, let's say those less than

I'm guessing the new generation of 50s (50/1.8G and 50/1.4G) should do pretty well, but hopefully there's more than just that! Cheers,

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