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Canon G12 vs EOS 600D/60D (subbing for PowerShot G1X) vs others... vs 50D

Fancyrick wrote:

I haven't seen much conversion surrounding the G12 lately, is the G12 no longer a contender? Why I mention it, still need a companion to my 50D, recently tried the Fuji X10 impressive but there are some issues I didn't care for and the price is rather high. Would prefer not to change lenses. Had a G5 like the design, the feel, but it needed updating that is why I am considering the G12.

With Amazon offering the G12 for around $379 it is very tempting. Would appreciate members thoughts. Also does anyone (I know it would be a guess) have any thoughts on when and if a replacement for the G12 will be forthcoming? Thank you.

Canon G12 vs EOS 600D and 60D ( subbing for PowerShot G1X ) vs others...
[you can switch ISO and models as needed...]

here is a close approximation of how a G1X (as a 600D Rebel) compares with a PowerShot G12 vs m43 Panasonic GH2) vs Fujifilm X10 at ISO6400 (max for the G12 is only ISO3200...)

right now... the PowerShot G1X has the same pixel density as the EOS 60D (and 600D)... so no surprise that it performs VERY close to them, fantastic for a PowerShot G... really...

Actual PowerShot G1X @ ISO 3200 ( compare this G1X with EOS dSLRs below! )

Actual EOS 60D @ ISO 3200

Actual Rebel EOS 600D @ ISO 3200

Actual m43 Panasonic GH2 @ ISO 3200

Actual PowerShot G12 @ ISO 3200 ( what you are considering? )

Actual Fujifilm X10 @ ISO 3200 ( still impressed? )

Actual EOS 50D @ ISO 3200
( your old EOS 50D is now neck-n-neck with the PowerShot G1X !!! )

use this to make the 'side-by-side' comparisons easier... from imaging-resources

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