D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: I like the 18-55VR

When you recommend the cheapest Nikon lenses, DX no less, for the latest and greatest 3000$ dollar full frame super high res D800 you should expect some critical remarks

If people are looking for that low budget I would recommend a second hand 50mm 1.8 instead.

Cha Chief wrote:

Really funny is probably the best answer. I wasn't even paying attention to the question. I wasn't thinking DX or FX. I was just thinking budget, and for what you pay for the lenses i mentioned, they are good lenses. Having said that, the D800 does have DX mode. Wouldn't they work effectively with the camera set to that mode? Just asking, no need to get too critical. I know that would cut the resolution in more than half and I got that. I guess my question would be why would someone be looking quote "budget" lenses when they are spending 3 grand on a 36mp FX camera? Go DX and you have all the budget lenses in the world to choose from. The 70-300VR would be decent for FX depending on what focal length range someone is looking for.

When I think budget I think zooms. Sure, I know there are budget primes but by the time you buy three or four of them, you no longer went budget. I'm not just going to run around with a 35mm lense on my camera constantly because there are often times when I need to go longer or wider. To me if you went strictly primes you'd at a minimum need a 35mm and an 85mm lens and too often I need a whole lot more reach than either or I need to go considerably wider.

Jon Rty wrote:
This is either really funny or little sad, and I'm not sure which.

Cha Chief wrote:

It works great and it sure is a budget lens. Get the 55-200VR and you've covered a lot. Generally if you just get a prime, it will leave you wishing you'd bought a zoom. You won't always be in places where your legs can do the zooming.

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